Barista Pro Shop

BPS is a supply company for Northern Colorado and New Hampshire that delivers coffee, syrups, tasty noshables, and more to area coffee shops. They are also a client of Mueller & Associates. Jay Weller, the owner, was kind enough to pose for a few shots to accompany his testimonial in the ad campaign. It was a real pleasure getting to work with him.

We did the shoot in the BPS warehouse break/meeting room. Just look at that espresso bar! I was so jealous the employees get to enjoy that awesomeness every day! 😉 Maybe I’ll have to buy a machine like that for my studio… you know, for entertaining clients, of course. Not because I’m a java-holic or anything…


And while we’re chatting about the love of coffee, check out local artist Scott Freeman’s recent blog post How I Went From Coffee-Hater To Coffee-Lover I had a good chuckle over it.