49 Days

49 days.

Depending on the circumstance one could consider that length of time to be not enough or an ungodly long sentence.

49 days in prison. 49 days left to live. 49 days of physical rehabilitation, or living without the person you love.

For me it will be 49 days to explore Iceland, one of the most spectacular locations on the face of this Earth. I will spend 49 nights sleeping in the cargo area of a Dacia Duster (think European Subaru Forrester) in 35-40° weather; in icy rain, sand storms and 21 hours of daylight per day. I will spend 49 days getting to know the people, digging up local secret treasures and soaking up the rich history of this Viking paradise. 49 days to experience the magic of this enchanting place and then bottle it all up into my memory card.

49 days of complete freedom. Just me and the open road with no itinerary beyond my one self imposed mandate to bring home a piece of Iceland’s soul in my images. 49 days to center myself, to grow, to be more creative and adventurous, to embrace my fear of taking big leaps into the unknown, to live life in a big way.

14 days.

Today I am 14 days from my flight out of America and into the wild. 14 days until the beginning of a life altering experience. 14 days from finding out if I have the guts to run head-on laughing into this adventure or if I’m going to need a week or two of homesickness before I grow accustomed to my new living quarters. 14 days left to enjoy the company of my supportive husband before we part for the longest time away from each other in 14 years of being attached at the hip. 14 days left to charge my soul-batteries with the supportive and amazing people who have taught me to take life by the horns and follow my passions. (Interesting, today is 4-14-14, I have only now realized. Ha.)

I am scared beyond words. I am brimming with gratitude for those who have encouraged and supported this journey. I am mourning, because the person I am today may hardly recognize the person I will be when I return home. I am radiating excitement and pride, and I am boiling with determination and focus. I am exhausted. I am happy.

Let the 14 day count-down begin, shall we?

Right now all I have is these numbers swimming in my mind, but soon I will have tales to share. I would love if you’d follow along in my journey. I may not have internet access as often as I would like but I will post updates when possible. Click Follow on the left hand side to be informed about new posts.

Cheers and high-fives-

Documenting History

This one’s a bit belated, but back in March I was asked to help document the Feed & Grain building machinery for a piece in the opening of the Meantime Gallery and now that I’ve had a little time wandering around in that beautiful, cavernous factory I’m convinced that I have to go back and do a series of images featuring the building as a backdrop. That place is inspiring with a capital “I”.

Chase Jarvis: LIVE

Survivorman Les Shroud via blog.ChaseJarvis.comIn case you aren’t already savvy to it, there’s a gaggle of live podcasts from photographer Chase Jarvis where he visits with innovative guest speakers and offers a wee bit o’ inspiration for his fellow creatives.

Today’s podcast @11am PST (or noon for my MST friends) features Survivorman Les Stroud. He’ll be sharing his thoughts on how to achieve a life you can be passionate about.

I think I’m in the mood for a little inspiration today. You can watch this and all the past videos via the link below so take a look.


Let’s hear what you think – did you get inspired?



Survivorman Les Shroud | image via blog.ChaseJarvis.com