In The Meantime…

Recently the Loveland City Council approved a loan for $300,000 towards the new ArtSpace development project which will bring in 30 low-income artist live/work spaces next door to the Feed & Grain building on 2nd Street downtown. The project will also create a gallery and meeting space, community plaza, and will help with renovation of the Feed & Grain, repurposing and bringing an old city relic back to life again.

Until ArtSpace is able to break ground (there is still $1.5mill of fund raising to do via the community. You can help support our art community here) the decision was made to have an In The Meantime gallery where local artists can display their work and utilize the space for the time being. Here are a few of the pieces that were displayed at the launch of the gallery:

Pastels on 5th

Pastels on 5th is an art fundraiser for the local charity, Alternatives To Violence.  These folks are amazing.  This was the 2nd annual Pastels event and they more than doubled the funds raised from last year.

I am so proud to have been included in this event.  I even got to sponsor an artist square which ended up in this article in the Reporter Herald.  A big thank-you to Sidney Kress for doing such a great job with the square!

This was one of the most challenging and absolutely fun events I’ve shot to date.  It was just shy of a 12 hour day with 80 artists in action, a mile long walk-a-thon with men in high heels, and hundreds of attendees to capture.  …it was exhausting, and I enjoyed every single minute of it!

Here are a few highlights:

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For the full day’s gallery with almost 500 images, visit us here.

Art Exhibit: Install.

My goodness, I love my art-centric town! I had the pleasure to shoot yet another superb art exhibit, Install,  held at Loveland’s Feed&Grain building this past weekend. Install was a contemporary installation exhibit. Here are some of the highlights:

Assemble 2012

One of the things that makes me so proud to be a native Lovelander is the immense creativity of my fellow residents.  

During the weekend of the Loveland Loves BBQ, Bands and Brews festival, a new creative competition was underway. 2012 marks the first annual sculpture competition, Assemble, held at the Feed & Grain on 3rd Street.

From the massive pile of spare “junk” donated by a few local businesses, such as Uncle Benny’s Building Supplies, nine teams of local artists made impressive original works of art under both an extremely hot sun and a strict deadline for completion.

Mayor of Loveland, Cecil Gutierrez, chats with a group of participating artists.

I very much enjoyed watching the teams work together – putting their blood and sweat into their sculptures (I didn’t see any tears, thank goodness!).

Onlookers watched the pile of junk transform into sculptures of robots, a functional bar table, a giant metal jungle cat with a caged bird in it’s belly, as well as many other fantastic creations.

At the end of the day the sculptors were awarded prizes from the judges, and the sculptures were then auctioned off at the LLBBB festival with all $630 of the proceeds going to the Loveland charity Alternatives to Violence.

Many tokens of inspiration came from this new Loveland event. I already can’t wait to see what kind of creativity steps out of the pile at next year’s competition.

To see the entire day unfold, follow this friendly peacock to the gallery.


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In yet another amazing display of local (and some not so local) talent, the glass.fiber.stone gallery, curated by Megan Tracy at the historic Feed & Grain building, seemed to be a huge success.

I wasn’t able to attend the opening night, but I was lucky enough to get a sneak-peak at all the beautiful pieces the evening before. My personal favorite was a $22,000 hanging glass piece in the shape of a grape vine cluster.

If only I had $22k laying around…