Well Rebellion

Carrots were too obvious; the client decided on radishes as her power plant.

Carrots were too obvious; Erin decided on beets as her power plant.
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My client-turned-friend, Erin, has made it part of her lifestyle to help others understand about the value of nutrition, sustainability, and caring for our bodies and minds.¬†Improving our health as a nation has been a reoccurring topic in the recent years – and it’s inspiring to see folks taking charge to arm themselves with knowledge to help others live a healthier lifestyle.

With a new business and new mission, Erin needed a logo. I jokingly warned her that logo making wasn’t a specialty of mine but I’d be happy to help in any way I could. I remember our phone conversation about what kind of logo she was looking for, “vibrant, retro, healthy, hip, and has to look good on a water bottle”.

….so, I set to work.

In the end, this is what came of it all. It’s colorful and fun, with a strong yet feminine power element and clean lettering.¬†Erin is a spunky ball of energy and since I wanted the logo to look good on her favorite color – orange – I mostly used green and blue hues.

Thank you Erin for a fun project that stretched me beyond my norm.