Scott Freeman: Local Artist

Folks, what a treat it has been getting to know and work with Scott this year. We’ve done two shoots so far, documenting several of his and his wife Mollie’s gorgeous paintings. I truly hope we’ll have the opportunity to work together more in the future – it’d be especially fun now that we’ll all be neighbors soon!

Scott was recently commissioned to do a trio of paintings for a local church and, during our last shoot, one of the three paintings really stood out for me.

Scott Freeman’s “Water to the Thirsty”, 2012

Scott left me to my work and there I stood, in the middle of his studio, motionless. I was supposed to be photographing this painting; finding the best light to show off the beautiful brushstrokes, squaring up the lens angle, settling on the right exposure and shutter speed…. but I couldn’t seem to spring into action. Now, I know I’m supposed to be artsy, and I’m probably expected to just “get” art but I sometimes have trouble connecting with pieces which others might feel a deep connection to. This was not the case with water for the thirsty. I immediately felt a heavy stillness and I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes away from the painting once I had lit it up with my studio lights.

I won’t bore you with my meager attempt at explaining what about this painting gave me such goosebumps, but I will say that  Scott is an artistic genius and you ought to go check out more of his work at his and Mollie’s website,, and at his blog, Art and Life Notes

That’s all for now. I hope everyone had a beautiful Turkey Day! …now bring on the holidays, I’m ready this time!