Reykjavik: Home Away From Home

My hosts, Andy & Sigrun, are wonderful and warm people. Sigrun is from Sweden and Andy is from the UK, and both moved here in January. They have gone out of their way to make me feel at home and include me in their daily lives. I can’t decide if having such a warm and comfortable place to stay is helping or hindering my adventurousness, haha!

I’m still feeling quite homesick and not particularly creative at the moment so I apologize in advance for any possibly bland writing, I just want to be sure I get everything written down before I get too far away from it and begin forgetting details.

April 30th 2014:

I woke up at 7:30 this morning with Sigrun and Andy, wished them a good day, and then sat down to write a blog post. 30 minutes later I woke up again and realized I had been sleeping at the keyboard so I decided to get another hour or two of sleep. I didn’t stir again until 12:30, and only because of a nearby sound of a train-like horn and then an explosion. Apparently the construction workers a few streets over are blasting through old cement and it’s loud. I still felt I could sleep for another 8 hours but talked myself into getting up to finish writing. I’m pretty sure my last post had several errors due to sleepiness, whoops. 🙂

After finishing yesterday’s post I decided to wander around town a bit and try out the little place called Cafe Babalu. Loved it. It made me realize that no matter where you are in the world if you have a friendly coffee house and available wifi it eases homesickness like no other remedy. Sigrun had told me Babalu is owned by a wonderful, albeit quirky, American. He is, in fact, kind and quirky. He and his dog stopped in to talk with the woman running his shop so I got to listen to them talk for a bit while I drank my coffee. He is tall and thin with dark features, scruffy 5-o’clock shadow and a shaved head. He has a beagle-mix dog and was sporting navy blue sweatpants. He has a kind smile but won’t look you in the eye for long. Iceland_20140429_Reykjavik-57_WEB

I hung out at Babalu while Skype chatting a bit with Jason, listening to all the different languages I heard around me, and trying to get some photos sorted and uploaded.

Around 4:30 Sigrun was off of work and we met on the street to walk home together. We chatted a bit and got to know each other while Andy made a dinner of rice, tomatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms. They told me they dumpster dive as much as possible to save money. It was my first dumpster meal and it tasted wonderful! I was so hungry after not having more than two apples, a spoonful of peanut butter and a latte all day. I’m in a weird mood where I’m hungry but when I try to eat I have no appetite. It must be due to the time change or travel stress. That’s a new one, I’m normally a human garbage disposal, haha!

After dinner we all walked to Lucky Records (music is huge here. In vinyl though; CDs are pretty uncool.) then down along the North coast to the music center where the massive EVE Online event is being held tomorrow. We went in to use the restrooms and so I could see it from the inside. The security guard gave us a little private tour of the cordoned-off area where the VIP people will be tomorrow, which was pretty neat.

Iceland_20140501_Reykjavik-100_WEB Iceland_20140430_Reykjavik-9_WEB Iceland_20140430_Reykjavik-10_WEB

We eventually made our way over to MicroBar, a bar that serves all 64 Icelandic microbrews. It was neat but extremely expensive due to the high alcohol tax. I paid $35USD for a flight of 4 tasters plus a pint for Andy.  It was at Micro Bar that I met Joanna, from New Zealand, and her boyfriend Stewart, from UK, and 2 hilarious guys whose names I both can’t remember and/or can’t pronounce. We had great conversation about where we all come from, my job as a photographer, Colorado legalizing cannabis, and many other things.

I stayed out way past my bedtime; we closed down Micro Bar and the gang wanted to move on to another at 1:30am to meet up with more friends but I decided it was time for me to head back. Sigrun also decided she was done so we bid farewell to everyone and walked home.

Iceland_20140430_Reykjavik-17_WEB Iceland_20140430_Reykjavik-18_WEB

I finally dropped into my sleeping bag on the floor around 2am and let the refrigerator sing me to sleep. I’m not sure it made it past the intro of the song before I was out.


2 thoughts on “Reykjavik: Home Away From Home

  1. Love it! And I just love that due to modern technology making it possible to get updates so quickly. Other times throughout history it might take months to get an update from a loved ones travels. I just love the internet. Will be awaiting your next post. Have fun. Loveland misses you! 😉


    • Thank you Laura! I am completely thrilled there is so much wifi availability here in Reykjavik. It’s helping ease my homesickness in this first week and helping me find even more fun sights to visit! ❤ Miss you and all of Loveland too!


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